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Hello from NJ. I have a modern OTR story for you!

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:17 pm
by TheWhistler
For my 68th birthday my son got me a refurbished and modified Silvertone 6051 (made in 1946). This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I received in a long time! Not just because I love these old radios and radio theater, but this Silvertone was built (68 years ago) the year I was born !

The best part about this gift is that I can now play all my favorite radio shows from on the radio. The programs are played wirelessly from my computer to the radio through what is called the "Bluetooth connection". I was told I can plug my old cassette deck into it and listen to all the tapes I've collected through the years, but as of now I am happy with the almost limitless collection of radio programs online.

The company that produced this refurbished Silvertone is Looking at the prices I would have never got one for myself. But I tell you, there's nothing quite like sitting back in my easy chair and listening to my favorite programs through this wonderful gift!

Previously I would sit at my computer desk and listen. How do you listen to your OTR these days? Also, where do you get your programs from?

~ Thomas Pin