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Hello from Beautiful Lake Oswego Oregon

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:40 am
by gregates
Hello to all. I came here for a specific reason. My parents Richard and Marjorie Gates are no longer with us. But one of the proudest things they used to talk about, was being on "We the People".

My father had hand built a 2 seat sports car after WWII. With things still in short supply, he searched for parts everywhere he could. He used my mom's soup ladle as a steering wheel center for example. I have a picture of the car, him, mom and the host on stage at the show. I also have a copy of what appears to be a press release regarding them on the show.

I would love to post/send as a attachment the picture and the scan of the press release if anyone wants to see it. The picture has a big Golf sign in the background.

They had a 78 rpm recording of the interview I can't find anywhere. Is there anywhere I can find a copy of the audio so I can pass it down

Warmest regards,

Greg Gates
Lake Oswego, Oregon