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Here are more imaginary and real stars that were seen on the screen or heard on the radio ... back in the days when radio was real. Some of the pictures are of the movie personalities rather than the radio stars, but the descriptions are of the radio personalities.

Capt. Midnight Captain Midnight - Billy Bouchey played Radio's Capt. Midnight, commander of the Secret Squadron, between 1939 and 1940. Ed Prentiss and Paul Barnes played the part during the rest of the show's tenure (1939 - 1949)
(This picture is of Dave O'Brien, movie actor)
Lone Ranger and Tonto
The famous Lone Ranger and Tonto. Perhaps the best-known of the old radio story characters. George Stenius was the original Lone Ranger (early 1933), followed by Earle Graser. In 1941, Brace Beemer became the Lone Ranger, and John Todd was Tonto. Fred Foy was the best-remembered of the announcers.

Picture at left is of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels
Picture at right is rare photo of Brace Beemer in 1945

Brace Beemer
Arthur Godfrey - 1941
This picture may give you a good idea of a studio arrangement in 1941. The photo was taken for the first broadcast of Arthur Godfrey Time, in 1941. Mr. Godfrey is center foreground, the band and singers in the background. The lead singer, Patty Clayton, is to your right. Yes, all the guys did indeed wear suits or sport jacket and ties to go to work then!

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