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Agnes Moorehead started her radio career in the mid '20s. One of her earlier appearances was with Orson Welles' Mercury Theater on the Air, OTR fans heard her voice in many shows, including the following:

Nostalgic TV fans remember Ms Moorehead as Endora, Samantha's mother, on Bewitched

Other Margo Lanes
Ms. Moorehead (on the left) was not the only actress to portray Margo Lane. Grace Matthews (on the right) was also one of the several actresses who had that part. Ms. Matthews also played in Big Sister, The Brighter Day, Hilltop House and CBS Mystery Theater

The Hopalong Cassidy show was first heard in 1949, on the Mutual network. In 1950, it moved to CBS, where it was heard on Saturdays, at 8:30 PM. The show was usually sponsored by General Foods until its disappearance from the airwaves in 1952. William Boyd played Hoppy; Andy Clyde was his sidekick, California; and the Hoppy's horse's name was "Topper". This is an example of one of the OTR shows that originated as a movie serial. It was also seen on TV.

There is a page-full of Shadow imagery on the Short History of The Shadow page elsewhere at this site; but here is an extra one for your enjoyment: (May 1, 1938: "Cards of Death" Cover)

As best I could tell, Bela Lugosi, who was famous for his vampire and other spooky portrayals in the movies, appeared in only one OTR series: Crime Does Not Pay. G. J. Satterlee (XTheBatman@AOL.com) remembered a couple of single programs: Suspense's The Dr. Prescribed Death, and as a guest star on Abbott and Costello. This picture is of Mr Lugosi and Carole Borland, another spooky star.

Lauren Bacall, friend of Humphry Bogart in many movies, also appeared on the radio a few times. She was a guest on Bing Crosby's show, and played various roles in some of the OTR dramas.

Most Images Provided by Bruce Rudesill, lranger@TSO.cin.IX.net
Background info: Same Time, Same Station, 1996, Lackmann, Facts on File

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