Smilin' Jack's
Old-Time Radio Trivia Quiz

So you think you remember something about the great days of kid shows on radio? Well, here is a quick quiz to test your fading memory cells. Click on the little boxes to see possible answers, and then click on which answer you think is correct. You can change your answers at any time before clicking on the "Score Quiz" button near the bottom of the page. You can also see the correct answers by clicking on the appropriate button.

You must have JavaScript enabled to score the test. Questions and answers courtesy of Jack French

1. Captain Midnight's arch enemy was portrayed by the same actor for 12 years, making him the longest lasting villain in kids' adventure. The villain's name was , portrayed by actor .
2. Sergeant Preston of the Yukon was broadcast from WXYZ in Detroit from 1939 to 1955. This series had a different name for the first several years. The earlier name was .
3. Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, was sponsored by and his school was .
4. Tom Mix was sponsored for 20 years on radio by . Tom's first side-kick was , portrayed by actor . In 1944, Tom got a new side-kick, Sheriff , portrayed by actor .
5. Superman came to radio in 1938, featuring a comic book hero created by two teen-agers named and . The radio show's long-time sponsor was , a cereal that no longer exists.
6. Terry and the Pirates came to radio from a comic strip by artist

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