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Bestselling books on old time radio.
Nearly 5000 selections, including paper books and audio books (tapes and CDs). -->

Looking for something out of the ordinary or hard to find, and the above lists didn't contain what you want? Check our Monster List of Books on Radio Tons of books, in the general categories of:

  • Antique Radios,
  • AUDIO CDs,
  • CB Radios,
  • Ham Radio,
  • Radio Advertising,
  • Radio Control,
  • Radio Electronics,
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  • Radio History,
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Radio DVDs
Thousands of DVDs containing OTR and modern radio and TV shows.

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MP3 Players
Stuff all the OTR that can fit into a small MP3 player. These pages contain the latest technology in memory-based, and hard-drive based machines. Over 31,000 items from which to select: iriver, iPod, SanDisk, Creative, Zune -- you pick your brand. You can also find FM transmitters and other ways to move sound around your house or vehicle here.

Some folks say "there ain't nuttin like listening to OTR on an old tube-type receiver", but those old sets are getting rarer by the day. Here are some new-technology radios that don't glow in the dark, but they don't need 36 lbs of batteries when you want to listen under the bedcovers, either.

Fortunately, you can hear OTR on these sets just as good (or better) than the old radios!

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