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Gone, but not forgotten:

This page contains links to an archived copy of the old, original OTR BBSs
The posts in those BBSs were converted to human-readable format by member "kkitow".

You are welcome to read any of the old threads, but if you want to post a followup message, you will be able to do so in the NEW BBS section

Here is a list of locally-maintained message boards. You are welcome to read messages in any of them.

Please read the OTR FAQ before posting a question. Your answer may already be there!

The BBSs hosted at www.old-time.com are not intended for messages dealing with trading OTR. You can find some venues specifically for trading by visiting our Private Library Page.

BBS NameAssociated Program
or Soundbyte List
Hosted by Jack French. A popular place for perusing a plethora of posts patently pertaining to radio's past. The original Old-Time Radio BBS on the WWW.
Many lists and soundbytes scattered throughout this site. Try the famous weekly shows for a starter.

Most messages in these bulletin boards will remain available indefinitely. There is no automatic expiration date. Eventually, old messages will be archived to a read-only BBS.

You can use the "SET PREFERENCES" section in each BBS to change the appearance of your display. If you permit it, the BBS will leave a cookie in your computer, so your preferences and last-read message will be remembered.

Messages deemed to be inappropriate for these BBSs will be deleted.